All about knitting…and much more!

Yes, we love knitting! And yes, we love seeking for new materials, tools and techniques!

We may not knit since our birth, nor did our granny use to spin wool from our flock of sheeps, but the desire for creation was always in us.

Although knitting and crafting was our hobby, yet it had never crossed our minds to deal with it professionally. However, considering our route so far, we realize that all -the good and bad things- that we’ve been through, have conspired to get us this far.

The high quality and the great variety of natural fiber yarns, such as wool, silk, bamboo, cashmere, possum, llama, alpaca, cotton, soybean etc., will charm you and satisfy even the most demanding knitter, whilst other haberdashery, embroidery and crafting items, will boost your creativity.

Love and passion for creation, is the motivation behind the birth of the idea of The Knitting Club.

Will we manage to reach the most distant destinations we have ever dreamed of via knitting? Definitely yes! Along the way we will constantly seek the best materials, with the best value for money, from the international and domestic market.

This process is an every day struggle often uneven, running a business, respecting our values. We will continue this effort, responding to the preference, trust and love you show us.

Thank you very much!

We are Stamatia and Ilias and we welcome you to The Knitting Club!