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Searching for a way to reduce our ecological footprint we created the BONUS Bag Eco! Another polymorphic product, designed by The Knitting ClubTM, which combines three great features: replacement of the traditional plastic bag, a beautiful and practically designed, reusable shopping bag and last but not least the reward of the users-customers via our extended customers loyalty program.

Trying to achieve the limited use of the plastic bag, we encourage all our customers to purchase and use the BONUS Bag Eco, by extending our loyalty reward program and raising the percentage it returns from each purchase you make at our brick and mortar shop to 4%.

You heard that right! The BONUS Bag Eco functions similarly to The Knitting Club BONUS Card. With every purchase you collect points to be redeemed as benefits in your future purchases.

Bonus Bag Eco

The BONUS Bag Eco is a personal card that offers you retributive benefits in each of your transactions. It returns 4% of each purchase you make at our brick and mortar shop in the form of reward points. The refund concerns all of our products and does not apply to products that are on offer or when other discounts apply and does not work in conjunction with those. The points are added to your account after completion of each transaction. It is necessary to present the bag to the cashier during the transaction to add points.

Every time you collect at least 200 points or more, vouchers of corresponding value will be automatically issued by our computerized system. Each 100 BONUS points correspond to 1,00€. If possible, you are entitled to alternatively ask for non-issuance of the gift-voucher and keep the points so as to consume them in other benefits, discounts and offers. Gift vouchers are personal, cannot be exchanged for cash, may be used to purchase products of equal or greater value (by paying the balance of the purchase price) from our brick and mortar shop in your future purchases and are valid for six months from the date of issue.

After the aforementioned period of six months, the gift voucher is automatically cancelled and it is not redeemable or replaced.

The discount BONUS Gift vouchers cannot be combined with other offers and discounts, seasonal or not.

The points of your BONUS Bag Eco do not expire and are valid for as long as you use your bag for your purchases. Your BONUS Bag Eco is cancelled (disabled), should it remain inactive (not used) for a period of more than 1 (one) year or upon your declaration e.g. in case of theft. If your BONUS Bag Eco has been cancelled (disabled) due to non use, you may ask us to reactivate it in the cashier during your next purchase in our brick and mortar shop.

BONUS Bag Eco is a handmade, quality item of fine materials in various designs with a beautiful logo embroidered on. Each one is actually one of a kind. And as we use to do it here at The Knitting Club, the materials and fabrics we use to create it are mostly…natural!

The company reserves the right to reject from the above privilege program whoever holder does not accept and does not agree with the above terms.

The use of the BONUS Bag Eco is an unconditional acceptance of the above terms.

The company reserves the right to modify-unilaterally update these terms and conditions, in accordance with its needs and without prior notice.