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DIY – VIP knitting group membership – Knitting/crocheting – 2018/2019 (Morning)


15/09/2018 10:00 - 12:00

The Knitting Club

Alatsaton 11, 14231, N. Ionia


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The Knitting Club


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The DIY – VIP knitting group membership, is an annual membership. Actually it is a powerful mix of benefits, discounts, knitting/crocheting seminars and gifts.

More specifically, with the purchase of this annual subscription we offer you:

  • A two-hour seminar every week, in the DIY Knitting/Crocheting Seminar standards, for a whole year.
  • Personal discount -10% of the regular prices, for all your purchases in the store*, for a whole year.
  • Personal discount code for -10% discount from regular prices, for all your purchases in our eshop*, for a whole year.
  • A handmade BONUS Bag Eco and access to our loyalty reward program when using it (after the end of the subscription), free of charge.
  • A Needle view sizer-gauge meter TKC, free of charge.

In DIY – VIP knitting group membership Seminar, you choose the material of your training sessions. The seminar takes place in small group, 6-8 persons, once every week, lasting 2 hours, on a specific day and time.

We give you just a small hint of some of the themes that you can choose for your own DIY – VIP knitting/crocheting seminar:

  • Learning to read patterns and symbols in knitting/crochet charts,
  • Learning complex knits, sleeve cuts, circular knitting,
  • Specific knitting or crochet projects, such as clothes, garment accessories etc.,
  • Learning to knit socks using different methods and approaches,
  • Learning to crochet amigurumis etc..

Come to design your own DIY – VIP Seminar for knitting/crocheting in three simple steps:

1) Purchase your subscription,
2) Tell us your knitting/crocheting needs,
3) Shop the knitting/crocheting supplies from our shop and you are ready to start!

Contact us for booking – Terms and conditions for participation in seminars apply.

Price is 240,00€/year and we offer you all the above benefits for the period from 15/9/2018 to 15/7/2019.

All prices include the corresponding VAT.

* Waxed cords excluded.