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The company is committed to the completeness and validity of information included in this website, while it bears no liability for any technical or spelling errors that may unintentionally occur or may be the result of technical problems or force majeure. The company does not bear any liability, direct or indirect, for any damage or loss from the use of this website or the elements-data included in it, neither for any damage that may be caused by the use of links to other websites, nor the information which may be included on the websites of the links. The company does not bear any liability for any color deviation that may occur concerning the displayed products since this depends on more parameters such as browser settings, screen, e.t.c. and is technically unavoidable.

In times of extreme and unpredictable events (e.g., epidemics, pandemics, bad weather, strikes, etc.) as well as in any case of force majeure, which may affect the operation of the company, to the extent that it does not allow the company and/or its contractors to fulfill their contractual obligations, this may affect the shipping times of your order, as well as the possibility of items returns/exchanges and/or cancellations of orders for any reason. In this case, the company bears no responsibility whatsoever, but will make every effort to find a corresponding settlement.

The company reserves the right to modify – update unilaterally the content of the website, the present terms and the trading conditions which take place on this website according to its needs and the commercial practice, without further notice.


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Secure transactions

The company acknowledges the importance of your electronic transactions and your personal data safekeeping. For this reason, it takes all the necessary precautions so as to ensure maximum safety through application of modern and advanced methods.

Besides all other safety measures, our website uses the SSL protocol, so as to create a safe connection with the user’s/visitor’s browser, ensuring, therefore, the safe data exchange between the two parties.

To ensure the confidentiality of your transactions you should always use your login details, the User name and the Password. We recommend you to always keep your login detail in a safe place and never disclose them to third parties, change your password periodically, avoid the use of the same or easy Passwords and also use symbols, apart from letters and numbers to compose your Password. Access to login data has the user himself. In case of lost or stolen or hacked in any other way login data, inform us immediately, else the company carries no liability whatsoever from the use of this data from unauthorized third parties.

The confidentiality of your transactions is fully secured. Only the company’s authorized staff has access to your transactions, whenever and wherever this is necessary, for instance, when processing your orders.

The confidentiality of the payment information of your transactions is also ensured since the payment information is not stored on our website. For more information see Payment methods, where information for each payment method is provided separately.

Ordering policy

You can order the items/goods/products of your choice through our e-shop, completing the order process. Alternatively you can order by phone during store working hours.

Availability and use of digital content products

Via our website you can have access to digital content products which are available, on conditions, for downloading in digital file format. Our company has checked this content before its disposal. Nevertheless, the company cannot be held responsible in case it is victimized by use of malicious software from third parties, which may damage this website and the specific files. For the disposal of digital files it is required that the final user complies with the following conditions:

  • Full payment of the price of the respective file is required to make it available. In case such file is available free of charge (gratis), then this is available for downloading only to registered users, after their login with their personal login data.
  • Full compliance of the final user with the Greek and International legislation is required regarding the selling of such products, and copyright protection.
  • The final user declares explicitly and irrevocably that these digital files will be used for personal and not commercial use.
  • No reproduction, license assignment or redistribution of the digital files is allowed.
  • The right to withdraw within 14 days is also in force (Law 2251/1994) until the moment when downloading starts or the file is previewed. From the moment you start downloading or preview the file, you waive the right of withdrawal, according to current laws regarding the disposal/selling of digital content on the internet.

Payment methods

Your order can be paid off in the ways described below:

-Bank deposit (May not apply to your country)

You can pay for your order through the day by depositing to one of our bank accounts, either by visiting a branch or via e-banking. In case you will need more time please contact us. Any bank transfer expense lies totally with the customer. The bank account details will be available upon order completion. Please note your order number (Order ID) and your name on the deposit receipt. As soon as you have completed your deposit, send us the deposit receipt to The dispatch of your order will take place as soon as we receive your payment.

Notice: Additional charges may occur, especially in inter-bank transfer. These charges are exclusively covered by the customer. In such case contact us before transferring the payment to inform you. Orders partially paid will not be shipped until paid in full. Orders remaining unpaid for more than a day will be automatically cancelled without further notice.

Clarification: All bank charges and fees must be payed entirely by the customer, otherwise they are charged upon order completion with 5,00 € (extra charge for costs + cash on delivery)!

-Payment by Debit/Credit card

This option gives you the possibility to pay by Debit Cards, Credit Cards or Prepaid Cards (Visa, Mastercard) in secure environment. Your card details are not stored, nor are they available on our website or our servers. All data is transmitted encrypted to the collaborate banks.

Notice: To pay with a Debit/Credit card other than Visa or Mastercard, like e.g. with American Express, use the payment method Paypal below.

-Payment by VivaWallet (May not apply to your country)

Pay for your order using the Viva Wallet app on your mobile, without any additional charges. Use our company’s VAT number to make the payment or download and scan the QR Code and make the payment easy, fast and free of charge. After making the payment, send us an email to, stating the Order ID for the order that was paid. Orders paid through VivaWallet payment method, must be paid in full through the day, else the order is automatically cancelled.

Payment by VivaWallet is more than a convenience. Use your VivaWallet account to pay for your order. You can load your VivaWallet account with cash in many different ways, such as: via credit, debit or pre-paid cards, via your bank account (e-banking), via the Pay@Home service, at a VivaSpot e.t.c.. For information regarding the loading of your VivaWallet account please visit this site: .

-Cash on delivery (May not apply to your country)

Cash on delivery takes place upon receipt of the order to the courier or courier company. This is an extra service which costs 3,90€ and applies each time the certain payment method is selected and no discounts apply to that. When purchasing in this way your full details are required and your order can be cancelled only in writing and under the condition that your order has not been dispatched. Cash on delivery (COD) applies for Greece only.

Notice: For an order paid via ‘Cash on delivery’ to change its status to ‘Completed’ a verification via telephone is necessary prior to shipping in the case you are a new customer (1st time ordering) or in the case you are an existing customer but your previous contact data have changed (new address, new telephone, etc.), but if you are an existing customer and your cantact data from your last order remain the same you do not have to do anything, your order will be shipped immediately. Please, contact us by telephone immediately after completing your order online to confirm your contact data prior to shipping, when paid via ‘Cash on delivery’ as described above and during our working hours. If your contact data cannot be verified your order will be cancelled and will not be shipped. Non verified orders paid via ‘Cash on delivery’ are cancelled at the end of every working day. If your order contains products out of stock, but available on backorder, it must first be paid in full to be completed.

-Payment by Paypal

By selecting this form of payment, you are transferred, through safe connection, to the Paypal website. There you can login to your Paypal account to perform the payment. After the completion of the process, you will be automatically transferred back to our website. Your card details are not stored, neither are they available on our website or our servers.

* Payment via Paypal carries an extra surcharge of 3,9% of the total value of your order, shipping and misc fees and surcharges not included, including though the equivalent VAT. 


The items which are available as digital files do not bear any other cost beyond the purchase price and are immediately available for downloading right after completion of payment.

Within Greece:

-Local pickup

By opting for local pickup, you are not charged with any shipping costs since you can receive your order in person from our store, 11 Alatsaton St., 14235, N.Ionia, during store working hours. This option is available only for prepaid orders.

 -Courier Delivery

All purchases in Greece are delivered to your doorstep* with courier. We dispatch your order the next working day after the completion of payment. The products remain in our possession until the payoff of the order. The dispatch of the order is done within one day for most destinations, while for the islands and most remote or inaccessible areas the delivery is done within 1-3 days. The delivery cost is 4,90€ for orders with weight up to 2kgs (volumetric or actual) and order value up to 19,00€. For orders with value more than 19,00€ and weight up to 2kgs (volumetric or actual), the delivery cost is 3,90€. For orders with value more than 49,00€ and weight up to 2kgs (volumetric or actual), the delivery cost is 0,90€, while all orders over 89,00€ and up to 2kgs are delivered free of charge.

*Most remote and inaccessible destinations are excluded, as they are characterized each time by the cooperating courier companies and for which the pick-up is made by the customer, from their nearest branch in the area of ​​each remote and inaccessible destination.


The charge for each additional Kg, over 2kgs, is 1,20€.

Cost of COD service is 3,90€.




Deliveries to Cyprus can be done in two ways. Express, delivery within 2 working days from the order pay off and cost of 29,00€, for delivery with weight up to 2kgs (volumetric or actual) and Economy, delivery within 7 working days from the order pay off and cost of 17,00€, for delivery with weight up to 2kgs (volumetric or actual).

All deliveries to Cyprus, with weight up to 2kgs (volumetric or actual) and order value more than 220,00€, are free of charge. In case where the order value is above 220,00€ and the weight is above 2kgs, the delivery is still free of charge, but extra kgs surcharges apply as described below.


The charge for each additional Kg, over 2kgs, is 5,50€.

-EU countries

Deliveries to EU countries are realized within 4-10 working days from the order pay off and cost 14,90€ for the first 100gr (volumetric or actual) plus 1,00€/100gr (volumetric or actual), which is charged for weight above the first 100gr (volumetric or actual). No additional surcharges apply.

For orders above 120,00€, delivery cost is 14,90€ for the first 100gr (volumetric or actual) plus 0,80€/100gr (volumetric or actual), which is charged for weight above the first 100gr (volumetric or actual). No additional surcharges apply.

-Non EU countries

Deliveries to non EU countries are realized within 5-25 working days from the order pay off and cost 19,90€ for the first 100gr (volumetric or actual) plus 1,40€/100gr (volumetric or actual), which is charged for weight above the first 100gr (volumetric or actual). No additional surcharges apply.

For orders above 120,00€, delivery cost is 19,90€ for the first 100gr (volumetric or actual) plus 1,00€/100gr (volumetric or actual), which is charged for weight above the first 100gr (volumetric or actual). No additional surcharges apply.

The company cannot be held responsible for any custom fees/charges, these are the sole responsibility of the buyer.


Surcharges are applicable to each case as provided and described.

The charges described here, are not amenable to any deduction.

All prices listed here, so as and the prices of the products on this website are final and include attributable VAT.

Together with the products of your order you will receive and the accompanying legal document. In case you want to receive a document for professional use (Invoice), please notify us via the Order Notes, mentioning your legal professional data.

If your order contains products out of stock, but available on backorder, it must first be paid in full to be completed. In this case, the delivery is carried out after the replenishment of stocks, which may last from 2 to 9 weeks, barring the unexpected, after making the payment, depending on the item type and season. Such orders, containing products out of stock and available on backorder, can not be canceled and returns of these products will not be accepted.

Upon completion of the order you will receive an email to the e-mail address you have registered, with the details of your order.

We cannot be held responsible where a delivery cannot be made because the customer has provided a wrong or incomplete delivery address.

We do not bear any responsibility in case the delivery of your order can not be completed successfully, due to your absence from the delivery address and/or your negligence to arrange its receipt with the courier company.

In case of return of your order to our company by the cooperating courier company as a result of the above, you will be charged with all the total real shipping costs, in addition to the minimum shipping and packaging costs included in your order.

We reserve the right to withhold delivery to any particular country, place or location at our sole discretion.

If there is any problem with your order and/or its shipping, someone from our staff will contact you immediately to resolve the issue.


You can return your order in the following cases:

  • You are entitled to withdraw from this contract within 14 calendar days (Law 2251/1994), without providing any explanation (valid for E.U. countries only). The withdrawal period will expire after 14 days from the day of receipt of goods. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal you must inform us about the decision to withdraw from this contract by an unequivocal statement (e.g. by letter sent by post to our headquarters , 11 Alatsaton St, 14235, N.Ionia, Attiki, or by e-mail at, within the aforementioned time period). At the same time you must return the goods of the total of your order, to our headquarters in the same way you received them from us and within the aforementioned time limit. The cost of returning the goods shall lie exclusively with you. After receiving the products, if they are in excellent condition, we will refund the full amount excluding the initial shipping and handling costs and/or any commission charges for your order’s payment, without undue delay and in any case within 14 calendar days from the day we receive the products to be returned by you, using the same means of payment.

Note: You may not use the received goods before deciding to withdraw from the purchase. The right of withdrawal allows you to check the product as you would in a store and not to use it freely for 14 days.

  • If you wish you can return any or all products of your order within 30 days in order to change to another product or others of equal or greater value with payment of the price difference. In this case all transport costs (from and to you) vary by case and geographical area and lie solely with you.
  • You may return evidently different or other goods which have been delivered to you from our own fault and ask for their replacement. In this case you must inform us immediately and without delay. The cost of such transport lies with us.
  • You may return products which demonstrably were received faulty and ask for their replacement. In such case you ought to inform us immediately and with no delay. The cost of such transport lies with us.

In any case of returning a product there must be prior communication with our company. The items ought to be returned intact, not used and without breaking or damaging their original packaging. Also the products should be accompanied by their original documents.

In no case and for no reason can the company accept returns of products concerning: digital files, books, magazines and patterns, out of stock orders, handcrafted products, products which by their nature are available as smaller sections of a large set after their cut off following your order, e.g. selling by the meter, sealed products whose packaging has been broken/damaged, products for which there is explicit reference, as well as any return that was done in a different way to the ones referred in this subparagraph.

Order cancellation

Your order may be cancelled in the following cases:

  • If you delete the items from your cart before its completion
  • If it is not paid off as it was supposed to, hence it is automatically cancelled
  • If for any reason you changed your mind, in case your order has not been completed and dispatched, you may contact us and ask for its cancellation. In such case you will be fully refunded in the same way of payment excluding any commission charges for your order’s payment.
  • If for any reason you change your mind and wish to cancel your order, while it has already been completed and dispatched, you must contact us immediately. In such case you will be fully refunded in the same way of payment excluding the initial shipping and handling costs and/or any commission charges for your order’s payment.

Products clarifications – Special terms

  • Bear in mind that items photos are here presented for illustration purposes. Thus, colors may vary slightly depending on the internet browser and monitor settings used. These variations are technically unavoidable.
  • We are trying our best to send you yarns of the same dye lot when possible. Sometimes though, this is not possible. In case you want yarns of the same dye lot, please contact us prior to ordering, to get informed if this is possible.
  • The needles size indicated for each yarn, is actually the manufacturer’s recommendation. Bear in mind that you may have to use smaller or larger needles (or even combine them) depending on your knitting pattern.


Upon ordering or by downloading free patterns and material from our website, you are opting-in to receive newsletters from The Knitting Club. You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link on any newsletter you receive from us.

The newsletters which the visitor/user of this website receives are intellectual property of the company and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek legislation and international conventions. The company reserves the right to deny registration or unsubscribe a person from its mailing lists.

Applicable law

Any dispute arising in relation to or in connection with the use of this website and the users concerning these terms is solved according to the Greek Law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens.

Alternatively, in case of any dispute arising, you can also try to reach an out-of-court settlement by contacting the European Alternative Online Dispute Resolution platform.

The management and protection of personal data of the visitor/user of this website is subject to the terms of this section and the relevant provisions of Greek law (Law 2472/1997 about the protection of the individual and the protection of personal data).

In any case, the company reserves the right to change the terms of protection of personal data upon notification of visitors/users and within the existing or potential legal framework. If a visitor/user does not agree with the terms of personal data protection provided herein should not use the services of this website.

The user and visitor of agrees and fully accepts the above conditions.