All about knitting...and much more!

We really love all expressions of handcrafting. But most of all we are in love with knitting and crocheting. We love, adore and are addicted to knitting. It is just a matter of touch with the first stitch … then you just keep going. Endless journey through yarns, needles, textures, patterns and colors, with a different destination each time.


When you choose great yarns, of high quality and great texture, even greater will be your desire to explore and find different aspects and approaches to your knitting journey.


Endless love and passion tirelessly seeking for the best, the exquisite, the novelty, the different, the beauty.


We are at your disposal to help you find the most suitable fiber for your own unique creation. We share with you the knowledge and the experience of the natural fibers and yarns and not only, we are always beside you, to support you wherever necessary, with our advice and the specialized seminars that we organize throughout the year.


With easy access, only in 50m distance from the ISAP train station in Nea Ionia, The Knitting Club will become “your favorite station in knitting”.


Welcome to the magic world of knitting, welcome to The Knitting Club!