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  • Embroidery cross stitch kits by Riolis

    You can now purchase the renowned, high quality cross stitch embroidery kits of the Russian Riolis exclusively from our shop...

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    Macrame-crafting board TKC

    Every time I had to make a macrame bracelet or necklace I had to use safety pins on my...

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    The Knitted Hat Book – Book Review

    Maybe the most beautiful hats, caps and berets, gathered in one collection. Men’s and women’s hats that all will...

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    The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns by Kate Atherley, Book review!

    Summer is always the best time for reading! Others read novels and relaxing stories, me as a passionate knitter,...

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    Needle view sizer-gauge meter TKC

    Oh yes, we love knitting and yes, we adore design and we came up with an idea to express...

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    Does size matter in…color?

    Speaking about…needles of course! And the answer is yes! Zing Needles – designed to add joy & verve to...