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Tapestry Needles – Size 18/22


Tapestry Needles - Size 18/22

Set of 10 tapestry needles for embroidery, in a beautiful packaging including: size 18 x 5, size 20 x 3 and size 22 x 2

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Set of 10 tapestry needles, in a beautiful packaging.

Includes size 18 x 5 needles, size 20 x 3 needles and size 22 x 2 needles.

A tapestry needle has a large eye for easy threading with yarn and a round blunt point in order not to split the canvas.

Most tapestries are worked on a double point canvas, 10 hpi and the most popular needle used is a tapestry needle size 18.

Size 20 and size 22 are great for petite point work and working with single thread canvas.

Excellent quality, amazing performance, perfect finish!

The best needle in your hands, assists you complete any needlecraft/stitch project easily, quickly and flawlessly!

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18, 20, 22


Excellent quality needles!


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Tapestry Needles – Size 18/22 – All tidy and neat in a beautiful packaging!