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DPNs addiCraSyTrio 21cm-Addi


DPNs addiCraSyTrio 21cm-Addi


With this 3-piece set of flexible sock knitting needles, now, even the smallest diameters can be knitted very easily, and without getting tired. This is possible due to the particular bendiness of the middle part.

Each needle is 85 mm long connected by an approx. 40 mm cable.

When knitting in rounds, the stitches are distributed over two needles and the third needle is used for easy knitting – meaning only two needle changes per row. Due to the flexible middle part, the needle fits into any hand, and so ensures a very pleasant knitting experience.

They can also be used as cable pattern needles.

The needles are available in 2.0 – 5.0 mm and come with a basic tip and a lace tip each. In the US market the needles are called addi FlexiFlips.

The needles make it easier and quicker to knit sleeves, socks, mittens and baby clothes.

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Excellent innovation in knitting needles!


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DPNs addiCraSyTrio 21cm-Addi – The knitting revolution in small rounds!

With this 3-piece set of flexible double-pointed knitting needles, you can knit even the smallest diameters without getting tired. The stitches are distributed over two needles and are then knitted with the third. The addiCraSyTrio DPNs are ca. 21 cm long in total with a basic tip and a lace tip. Both needle tips are 85 mm long and available from 2.0-5.0 mm. The needles are made in Germany!