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Triangular multi ruler – Prym


Triangular multi ruler – Prym

  • Multi-functional dressmaker's ruler
  • Harmonious linking of marked single dots
  • For marking button-holes and rows of buttons
  • Easy marking of seam allowances

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The dressmaker’s ruler offers a cornucopia of functions for producing patterns and markings on fabrics used by hobby or professional dressmakers in the work space.

Measurements, such as seam allowances, button-holes and pleats, which are needed again and again, can be marked as easily as child’s-play with this multi-functional ruler. Armhole and sleeve head, waist-lines, collars and hip-lines – none of these are any problem with the dressmaker’s ruler from Prym.

Its convex outer edge makes it possible to link marked single dots harmoniously after one trying-on. On the straight outer edges of the transparent plastic ruler there are 60 cm and 24 cm scales, marked to be easy to read. Button-hole sizes can also be determined and immediately marked with perfect accuracy.

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Triangular multi ruler – Prym – The best for accurate measuring!