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Needle view sizer-gauge meter TKC


Oh yes, we love knitting and yes, we adore design and we came up with an idea to express it.

So, we introduce you our very first designed by The Knitting ClubTM product from a new range of such products to follow.

The Needle view sizer-gauge meter TKC is a must-have knitting accessory.

Since measuring is essential for knitting projects, this is the best knitting gadget to make your measuring accurate and with tons of style.

Μεγεθοδείκτης βελόνων-μετρητής δείγματος TKC

Needle view sizer-gauge meter TKC

Use it to find the exact needle size, no matter what your needle type or brand is, this will do the job for all needles from size 2.00mm (US 0) up to size 12.00mm (US 17).

Comes in semitransparent material so that you can perform measuring more easily on your gauge, to count stitches and rows.

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